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A unique space with a breathtaking view.

Open only for private events until the end of April.


Open only for private events until the end of April.

Rooftop bar and event space

The place where you want to spend the day!

We have renovated and fully equipped the Radost Roof with everything needed for the best event, or for spending a great evening with friends. In Prague's Žižkov, you will find an oasis of comfort and a packed cultural program.


Host your Christmas party with us!

We have a heated tent, igloo, and the building's interior space is also available

 program 1235šiv_Kreslicí plátno 1.png

We are preparing the winter program

Contact us


Náměstí Winstona Churchilla 2, Praha 3, Žižkov


778 048 853

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Opened for public


temporarily closed

Follow the current program and rental for private purposes.

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